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03-20-2013, 10:07 PM
Originally Posted by erawra1 View Post
Forgive a noob his question but how does the process of someone else training your boff even work? I can't seem to move my boffs to inventory or anything for trade. Is there a separate special UI? A button to press? A key to hit?

Can a person make a 2nd/3rd character and level up their skills enough to train the 1st character's boffs? Is it something you can mail between characters? Does it require a 2nd account with dual boxing to do it?

*sigh* so confused...
You can only trade boffs by meeting another person on a ground map and using the trade window. And note that to do that you have to have already removed all items from the boff (possibly only all bound items, but I always assume it's all items for safety). That means that there is no way to have different toons on the same account train each other's boffs except by going through a second party.