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03-20-2013, 11:09 PM
Originally Posted by rmy1081 View Post
I was on the receiving end of paradise1killer's transcort a few weeks ago in an arena match with my tac Fleet MVAE. I didn't last too long in that match. He nearly 1 hit me in first pass, and killed me on the second right at the beginning. Because of that, i now make sure i have a Monotanium Alloy in my inventory...just in case.

*Shakes fist at paradise1killer for making me lose Beta Mode*
I feel yay I hate loosing beta but I hate loosing y-gama even more

Ya alloy are one of my banes just one console makes me re-evaluate targets. I've seen pre-mades with everyone running them but there always that dumb cruiser thinking he know best with none and after a few torp volley u can see the numbers and find the weak link, to kin.

Paradise Killer deals 21480 (15646) Kinetic Damage(Critical) to you with Rapid Fire Transphasic Torpedo.

Just to show it not always clusters that kills.
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