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Originally Posted by pokersmith1 View Post
They are all valid counters, but keep in mind how many of those can a ship have equipped at once, consider their cooldown, and calculate how many counters can be thrown out before a ship finally runs out of counters. This might be a non-issue if the cluster torp cd stayed at its native level of 45 sec, BUT .....

So why not normalize the crits instead? If its computationally cheaper to calculate a crit chance once then implement it on all the spams at once, at least take precaution to calculate how many spams the crit effects and normalize the crit damage accordingly. Wouldn't that be the best solution? After all, there are 10 mines that a breen cluster torp spews out. Even a 4k bleedthrough damage per mine in a crit is a total or 40k bleedthrough damage. And nobody needs special skills for this to happen, they just need to be lucky. And even that luck can be bent to favor the shooter, what with all the crit chances that can be stacked these days.
Well they could look at CrtD limits on the Clusters... but it opens a can doesn't it... should Dispersal 3 mines not fall under the same math then ?

Also your math is way off... 4k x 10 phasic mines doesn't = 40k bleed... the cluster goes by the old Phasic numbers... so it would be around 16k Bleed dmg... that is not counting any hull resists. I will say I have gotten them to crit in the 7-8k range and yes that will hurt more.

You asked how many counters people can have up to them due to cool downs however... so lets look at it...

Lets assume I am shooting torps at you and have used doffs to get an average of 20s cool downs on my Clusters....

You have 100% for sure these 3
BFI (45s cool down)
Evasive (45s cool down)
8 weapon slots with a worse case 4s cycle time.

Now I would almost for sure drop them on your head.... so perhaps of the above only 2 are reliable... still you can roll evasive and bfi every 22s if you stagger them....

Defacto Heal resist skills...
Hazards or Polarized Hull (You will have at least 1 of these and perhaps 2... 45s cool downs)

And to finish it off... you are GOING to have 1 of these likely

Escort... Omega and or Delta
Sci... GW / Shock / Tractor / TBR
Cruiser... EWP / Aux to Damp / Aux to Sif

So to sum up why I hold these are no big deal....

- EVERYONE has 2 major counters by default
- Any one that PvPs... has Hazards or PH, and sometimes both... they both neuter dmg from the clusters
- Every Ship that PvPs... is going to have one of the Ship class counters I mentioned almost 100% of the time.

So in effect... you should have a counter up in and around every 10s worst case... throw in 1-2 of the other 30 some counters I listed and these really shouldn't bother you... if you get caught by one once a night... its no different then when people used to mess up and get smacked by a tric torp.
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