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03-21-2013, 12:17 AM
Well, reading some of this long topic has been amusing to say the least.
I've had my trans boat before the changes, mostly because I've always liked them.
Albeit, to the detriment of my own hull at times. lol
My first trans boat was well back there, when the breen first showed up.

Anyway, the clusters are not op at all. My two cents worth from experience.

Perhaps the crit chance per mine should be looked at instead of for all, like many think.

I'd much rather see more variety in builds other than the point nose to target with DHC's build.
Nerfing something that blew you up is not a good thing considering one very important question;
Did you look at your build for possible counters?

oh, and btw. It takes a LOT of stuff to make it work remotely well enough to actually use.