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The main reason why standard borg are weak defensively is because of their size. On cubes and higher a cruiser can both broadside and fire non-wide angle torpedo's at them. They are also really slow and/or stationary meaning you can't miss. Sphere's are surprisingly the most dangerous standard Borg due to having speed, relatively small size and a Cube's tricks. (Shield Neutralizer and Assimilate Ship.)

The 'invisible one shot' is Torpedo Spread III'd torpedo's that crit. Wasn't always just a Borg-Only problem, the Heavy Photon Torpedo turrets in the Klingon Scout STF used to have it and it one shot people there too.
Now it seems they just sit there and don't fire anything though they still use High Yield and Spread.

Originally Posted by miri2 View Post
Another example could be Donatra's high-yield photon torpedo attack, which I tend to class as a one-shot kill in anything but the most extreme cases.
To clarify this statement above, that's not a 'High Yield Photon Torpedo attack' that's her Scimitar's 'Cascading Biogenic Pulse' a Thalaron weapon. Nice big tell and nice big damage if you don't get out of the green stuff. She unfortunately also has access to Torpedo Spread III, so you might have gotten confused.

One-shots you can avoid are good, interesting mechanics. The Scimitar's Thalaron weapon, High Yield Torpedo's and Plasma Bolt's, the Lance weapons are all good. The Borg Queen's Aceton Wave could use more of a tell but you can survive it on normal if you at the edge of it's range.

One shot's that deal between 30-50k damage are fine as well because they are only one-shots because you're in an escort and don't have that amount of health. I've taken a 49k crit in my Cruiser from a gate and survived. Frankly I much prefer a Gate that can defend itself to a Gate that you can only hurt every 10-15 seconds every 3 minutes.

Glad to see that the Invisibly Torpedo Spread Of Doom is getting looked into. That's really the only inexcusable One-Shot in the game.

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