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if you say trinity dont exest in sto, lats have a look:

character classes abilities:

atack pattern alpha - boost dmg (dps)
fire at my mark - dmg debuff (support)
tactical iniciative - self increase recharge of tac boff powers, respectivly increase dmg (dps)
go down fighting - self dmg buff (dps)

sensor scan - dmg debuff (support)
subnucleonic beam - clear buffs (support)
scatering field - increase team resist (support)
photonic fleet - give more targets npc to shoot at ( support)

rotate shield frequency - self heal+ resist (survival)
eps power transfer - self increase power levels (survival - it increase speed respectivly defence, shield power increase shield resistance and reg)
nadion reversion - self power levels resist buff (survival)
miracle worker - self hull shield heal (survival)

the last ability is team wide so ill include it as support for each class.

if you cant see some specialisation in this ...
more or less tac is specialised for dmg, sci for support, eng for survival, ie tank

lets take a look on ships

in general escorts have more tac consoles and boff station, which means greater boost to dps from consoles, and more dps oriented abilities.

sci ships, have more science consoles, and boff station which speaks for greater ability for control an heal skills.

crusers have more eng consoles which boost resistance, manuverability etc, boff stations too, which consist mostly from heals, resistance buffs and cleanise abilities

you cant deny there is specialisation here, not like in most games that use this model, but it still exist.

a cruser or sci cant match escort on dps, escort cant tank 20 enemies like i do in my cruser, escort cant heal others or contorl enemies like a sci ship can, nor the cruser.

altho i dont argue there is content in game that support using this specialisations, everything can be done in any ship, but character and ship specialisations still exist admit it or not.
There is specialization to a degree (though not a great degree, since we can put any officer in any ship); but it's not in a trinity pattern. 'Support' is not part of the trinity; but most of the strongest heals are engineering powers, so that's all science is left with as a specialization.
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