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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
If by maneuver you mean put engine speed at 1/4 and then turn? Then yes, they need to maneuver. And that's SUCH a hardship.

That's sadly a function of the game engine and damage scaling. If escorts really had to do damage in passes then DHCs would have to do several times their current DPS to make up for the loss of uptime. That would move the baseline of what a ship would need to able to survive way higher than it is right now... both for PCs and NPCs... which then would push beam and torp/mine damage up as well but all that would do is bum up the extremes. Its a balancing nightmare to even think about it. Having to balance extreme spike vs sustained would become unfeasable, so instead they fudge it. DHC spike isn't as high and DHCs provide more of a constant DPS without having to rely on passes.

Also, all that extra moving around escorts does require effort. In my engi cruiser movement isn't really a concern beyond not stopping and keeping it turning.

Besides, when moving at 1/4 impulse escorts aren't getting much of their vaunted mobility defense are they?

Originally Posted by graleron View Post
The question being, how to persuade Cryptic that the design isn't good?
Easy, you don't because you can't. You'd be trying to convince them that a system isn't working as intended, which it is. Instead you need to show Cryptic that defenses have increased across the board on PCs and NPCs and even with the best weapons the current metagame calls for a little more damage than cruisers can do right now. You aren't asking for a huge change, just a small boost. It could as simple as simply giving all cruisers a little extra power to weapons if you wanted to keep to the beam drain argument.

I think this has teh greatest chance of success since Cryptic has already seen it as a possible solution. Why else do you think the very first Rep grinds offer a beam array that costs no weapon power and a 360 weapon that procs EXTRA weapon power?

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