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Originally Posted by duaths1 View Post
Fellow Romulans!

We are the oldest existing Romulan Fleet (since Beta, community existed even prior to that).

Apply for membership on our homepage and prepare for the launch with us.

We are going to launch our warbirds with pride and will rebuild our great Imperium.

Join our cause now!
You may want to change your fleet name, according to the few elements we have now, it seems the Romulan Star Empire is reborn as the Romulan Republic.

My guess is Sela will join D'Tan to rebuild, since she may have seen wisdom during her captivity, and saw the Feds are not responsible for the supernova, on the contrary.

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Not to put a dampener on your excitement...but ultimately the Romulans will grind the same stuff everyone else does.
Don't be silly. Romulan don't grind, they deceive others to work for them. Mostly klingons, they are so easy to deceive. Once you are accustomed to the smell, that's it.