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03-21-2013, 03:17 AM
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Thank you HereticKnight for a well constructed post. Makes a refreshing change to read a well thought out and constructive post for once. I amdit I was a little crude in the way I expressed myself so apologies but again thank you for a refreshing and well worded post.

My point I was trying to get across is yes beams do need to be overhauled, but the answer isn't to nerf cannons and escorts as a lot of cruiser players would like.

Im sure if every cruiser pilot was being honest, they just want to see escorts and sci ships nerfed so their ship is the "superior" ship.

I also don't believe geckos ill thought out idea of addind consoles, warp cores etc etc is the answer either.

Ive got my constructive hat on so heres my constructive post for the day

1) Decrease energy drain on beams ..... decrease the drain but increase the firing rate. If you watch all battle scenes from DS9 the beam firing was short sharp and rapid. As well as decreasing energy drain I would also propose increasing damage as well. Not by much, say by an extra 10% on mk 12 and scale it down.

Watch this video and you will see what I mean :

2) Add additional beam boff powers for example :

Beam rapid fire .... targets one enemy (unlike fire at will) and allows short sharp rapid beam firing.

Beam 360 ...... shoots a beam in one plane at say 20 degree angles and does a 360 degree around the arc of your ship. Kinda like when picard was trying to find the scimitar when it was cloaked.

Beam scatter volley ... unlike fire at will focuses on a cone infront of you unlike fire at will which can spread the beam arc to multiple targets

3) The distance at which beams do damage could also be adjusted as well :

I don't have figures to hand but beam damage from what I remember increases the closer you get. So how about making that distance less ie you start doing low damage at 10 - 8 clicks, moderate damage at 8 -7 cliks, high damage at 7 - 0 clicks

4) Incorporate some mechanism into the game that can be player trained whereby players can increase the dmg modifier. At the moment the dmg modifier is useless, however like polaron weapons speccing into flow caps, maybe dmg modifier could be improved through one of the weapon skills.

I would rather focus on how beams could be improved than gimping other ships or weapons, because it snot the answer. I still stand by what I said. A lot of people don't know how to handle escorts due to inexperience or bad tactical and situational awareness.

As said by a previous poster, putting escorts into the same class as sci and gimping cannons, thereby gimping tacs and escorts, as sci has been gimped, is not the answer.

It still makes me sad that I have a 3 year old sci sitting in my character list that I cant play anymore.

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