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03-21-2013, 05:14 AM

Current version: 2.00.001

- streamlined story progression and dialogs
- changed button texts to make them more unified and better explain what they mean
- removed some typos

- changed several NPC contacs to triggers
- added some new environment triggers ('Examine the Shrine', 'Scan Crates')
- made it harder for the S.S. Ratosha to be accidentally destroyed
- unified the spelling of "sir" (lowercase letters)

- clarified some story elements on the Terok Nor maps
- added some background information to Laira Mika
- made several dialogs more concise for smoother mission flow
- added some additional steps to the "Seeds of Dissent" segment and removed "Daybreak"
- added optional encounter with Cardassian prisoners and some flavor texts

- redesigned some elements of "Terok Nor Docking Ring"
- overhauled "Terok Nor Habitat Ring" (new assets, design, flow)
- removed "Bajoran Temple" and incorporated it in the previous map
- small improvements to "Terok Nor Promenade"

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