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03-21-2013, 07:33 AM
Originally Posted by redshirtthefirst View Post
So, if I take This link for official, You will be able to start a Klingon at lvl 1.

From there, will there be any content filling the gaps? Who knows, I hope there will or it will go against the reason of why KDF was condensed in the first place to avoid spread leveling content and grind.

That is aside from a new UI that seem more Klingon-esque and less eye bleeding looking...


#1 - The only content KDF gets is the lame tutorial and perhaps 2 hastily put together 1-30 level missions. I bet it will be just one set of missions that levels you up quickly to 30...its the easiest, lazy way to just use the existing 30->50 mission sets.

#2 - Now that KDF starts at level 1 we could have seen an increase in player base which could lead to KDF receiving some 3-year waiting attention. Sadly, the romulan faction will also start in level 1 and now KDF numbers will never reach the numbers needed for the metrics to show KDF is worthy of some love.

Why? Simple, their metrics shows number of characters. Every Fed and KDF player will open at least 1 romulan account. POW metrics shift to romulan over fed and KDF left in the far low metric readings. Not just third place but third place with a fraction of the characters the romulan and federation factions have.

This means one thing: KDF will never receive a single season dedicated to them. Ever. Cryptic will be too busy rabidly monetizing the romulan faction... and working on the next faction that will be playable after it.. which will be ready in about 1 year time. Why one year? Easy: Each faction is also a resource time sink. FLEETS. Fleet starbase tier 5 take a year. Do you think its a coincidence a brand new faction that will require a year's worth of grinding just happens to be added when most fleets in the game are about to reach tier 5 starbase?