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Originally Posted by bareel View Post
This weekend I'll tank the STFs in a group with you if you really want to see it. And it is not that I am highly skilled (I'm a baddie skill wise) it is that I know how this game and it's mechanics work, that is all it takes.
Honestly, knowledge of game mechanics already puts you in a pretty high zone outside of the realm of the average player.

And if you remember, my question was if you thought the average player could do it.

In an escort.

With beams.

With BFAW.

With Threat Control.

Not die repeatedly (I forgive the occasional, and practically inevitable one-shots most tanks eventually face).

Originally Posted by bareel View Post
And that is the thing about trinity, there is no such thing as soft trinity it doesn't work.
Again, says you.

City of Heroes never specifically needed a tank, it never specifically needed a damage dealer, it never specifically needed a debuffer/buffer or controller, healer or anything in-between (and there were a lot of in-betweens)

Many classes had at least some method of defending themself, whether it be through pure mitigation, or enough offense to kill, or debuffs, buffs, controls, etc.

And yet, even with all of that, there was such a thing as synergistic pairings.

You didn't need an aggro holder, but missions went much smoother with one.

You didn't need a hard controller, but missions went much smoother with one.

You didn't need a buffer/debuffer, but the more you had the more you ran into massive force multiplication and could literally vaporize or ignore some of the hardest content.

No one was forced to be, or do anything. The game functioned, it functioned well and was fun and fast - it was a casual game for casual gamers that also managed to have some good challenging encounters.

STO? You need DPS that doesn't die 50x. Easy to do.

No other team comp is better, this is a poor environment and does not accommodate standard Sci Ships and Cruisers.

So you keep saying it can't be done, and I've seen it already be done.

To repeat, I'm not asking for a trinity. I'm asking for content that allows all roles to shine.

There is a very distinct difference, and I've yet to see you accept the line that exists between those two parts of the MMO spectrum.

Originally Posted by bareel View Post
Oh and EHP is Effective Hit Points. It means total health when you factor in all the built in avoidance and mitigation a character/ship has. And yes, all 3 have the same within a single % from stock.
Good luck factoring all of the variables that higher tier BOFF slots provide.

Thinking that a base number such as a 42k Hull (final number) escort, with even 50% resistance to all, has the same mitigation as a 55k Hull (final number) with 50% resistance to all Cruiser without taking into consideration the shield mod, or boff slots, or the fact that the Escorts greatest mitigation (speed defense) is all but ignored in PvE is just incorrect.

If you want to say you can have too much mitigation, outside of one shots, then yes I agree. That's the exact point I've been trying to make.

There is no PvE content that stresses, without one-shotting, Cruiser mitigation capabilities.

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