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03-21-2013, 07:41 AM
The biggest question for me is what kind of experience do they anticipate players having on the Romulan and KDF side for levels 1-50.

Personally I love STO for the storyline, which may make me an insignificant minority of the playerbase but I actually liked the story arcs in the game when leveling my character 3 years ago. It was fun to take on new missions and learn more about the ST universe as presented through the game's missions.

The anniversary mission was a great example of a rich experience in the game, it was very enjoyable and I hope to see more of that, and more missions where I can bring MY crew with me too.

Hopefully this isn't just more shallow grinding content but will also have some depth to it.

Personally, I have no interest in playing as a Romulan, associating with the KDF or playing anything other than my Fed character. It will definitely be interesting how popular the Romulan faction is after the shinyness wears off.
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