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if you say trinity dont exest in sto, lats have a look:
We dont have trinity we have an incomplete rock-paper-scissors model. All of the captain types and ship types are able to do damage and heal themselves, but not to the same extent. That is good basis for an RPS model, but what's missing are the tac>sci>eng>tac (or whatever) and ship-type roundabouts, instead we have Tac-Escort > ALL.

Ships should get a blind balance by size/mass/volume (differences in boff stations and consoles can stay), and RPS should be based on the captain traits only. A captain should be able to move between ships as appropriate to the scenario at hand--my Tac captain may need to fly a Defiant for a capture-the-flag type mission then switch to a carrier for a fleet-battle mission. Ideally the captain types would have nearly equal survivability with just 5-10% chance over the other class, close enough so that skill could make up the difference. Then you get anybody can fly the Defiant or the Carrier, the difference is just the captain abilities and player skill.

We are *very* close to this now, but the ship types have been incorporated into the RPS model (large escorts with faster turn rate than small cruisers), and that is where things get confuzzled. A flat balance of the ships would probably correct most of the problem