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03-21-2013, 06:49 AM
short requests...
a count on particles on hand vs particles needed for various memory alpha or on board ship quests.
being able to look at another ship and see what armaments are on her (ie being able to study here to build a ship correctly and seeing what works for them)
fixing glitches regarding the starbase fleet defense 20 man with the remix of the guys voice.

mid term
bump up on dilthium refined to 10k.
more specials on zen based materials.
more packs for newer players and specials on "gee whiz" ships

long term..
other than playable factions (ie cardassians and romulans) sub factions would be a great addition such as mercenaries. Also traits that improve with each evaluation (of course this would cost exp points). (so where are the Yridians?)
Expansion into deep space for science ships for long term missions yielding rare and very rare materials to build gear or maybe new story lines.
general overhaul of Memory Alpha.

and really, charging for extra slots on your account? That is ridiculous. It seems to me that it would be in your best interest to allow at least 10 playable slots per account to buy more gear and dilthium with zen.
10 slots
3 federation
2 klingon
2 romulan (coming soon! and yes I am looking forward to it and the scimitar better be available)
2 sub faction (maybe a human or vulcan science expedition or mercenary/raider crew working for the ferengi)
1 open

This is a fun game and i look forward to playing it more than I did WOW.