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Originally Posted by borgresearcher View Post
I also got a chuckle out of "tacticals are op compared to other classes." Just sayin"

aren't they ?

and virusdancer, how could a warp core integration unbalance things ?
Not even kind of. A Science Cappy is, all around, a far more powerful Captain mechanically speaking in PvP. Sensor Scan is an AoE hull DR debuff that is usually much stickier than FOMM (and with a doff can cut an affected target's damage output by a little over 33%), Scattering Field is a respectable radius massive hull DR buff vs Energy Weapon damage, Science Fleet is a team-wide 33% DR buff that also buffs the strength of shield heals... and then there's Sub-Nucleonic Beam which peels most buffs off a target and extends any powers the target already has on cooldown by up to 30 seconds.

The only reason Tactical Captains seem overpowered is that they do exactly what the class was intended to do (as do Science Captains) within their hyper-specialized niche.

Engineers, by comparison, under perform in PvP most because attrition has been mitigated to the point where normal healing cycles (your average EPtS roll, for example) and durability has climbed to the point where it takes a single tremendous spike of damage dealt in an amount of time that prevents reactive healing, the type which would kill an Engi just as dead as anyone else. This leads to team force multiplies (Sensor Scan, Tactical Fleet, Science Fleet, Sub-Nucleonic beam) becoming too valuable to pass up for a little bit of personal extra healing.

If you feel Keel'el's effect is well designed, please, for your own safety, be very careful around shallow pools of water.