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03-21-2013, 07:11 AM
Still here, still open for business - still, in fact, growing; chat channels positively overflowing with helpful discussions of how best to wipe out the Borg in STFs, along with the usual entertaining chatter.

Recent recruitment means, of course, new resources coming into the Fleet projects; the link-up between the starbase and the embassy has proved wonderfully useful, and we are looking forward to the imminent completion of our Tier 4 shipyard. (And, miracle of miracles, it remains well-stocked.)

Chat channels are up and running, so we can talk to the Klinks... and, no doubt, soon to the Romulans as well. Will wonders never cease?

There's still room, though, for fresh blood! (Red, green, or proper Andorian blue - we don't discriminate. )