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03-21-2013, 08:26 AM
Against my better judgement, I pugged KASE 15 mins before the server went down.

I knew these were probably not going to be the most experienced, so I said I'd take the right probes. I asked who was dealing with left probes... No answer.

As soon as we started fighting the tac cube my spirits dropped... We had a beamscort.

So the tactical cube blows up and I head right. I deal with probes, destroy some transformers and take out a borg cube. They still hadn't spawned theirs yet and were dropping like flys...

I take out the next batch of probes and a couple of seconds later spotter the left gates probes reaching the vortex. I made a mad dash towards it, but it was too late.

Okay.. Okay, I thought, so we failed the optional, no biggy. I mean I'm pugging, I never really expected them to be able to make the optional, no matter how incredibly easy it is. So I carried on, taking out the first generator.

Now, by this point they were still dealing with their first Borg cube (though they had spawned both), so I decided I needed to rush things. I quickly hurried over to the right side of the right gate and spawned the cube. Got it down to 30% before I died to a combination of it and the gate (I must have hit it with a stray shot), just as new probes appeared... Still managed to deal with the probes

Meanwhile the other four players had left six probes through.

Then one of the guys warped out, with 5 minutes left before the server went down. At this point my patience was exhausted and I warped out.

With the exception of one player, the rest of those guys would have difficulty in an NSTF, let alone an ESTF.

I'm once again resolute to NEVER pug any ESTF other than ISE. To many liabilities in the queues.

Note that I didn't spam abuse at them.
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