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03-21-2013, 08:27 AM
Originally Posted by borgresearcher View Post
and virusdancer, how could a warp core integration unbalance things ?
As it stands now:

200 base power.
Can run 100/50/25/25 - or any combination. Max 100 - Min 25.

That does not account for Traits, Skills, Gear, Buffs.

There is a pseudo cap of 125 (weapon power can overcap to help offset drain).

Currently, it's not that difficult to run with 500 power (higher actually, because of overcapping weapons) for short periods of time.

So, how many different ways might they change the way power works, eh?

There's the different sized cores for different ships. What if they went with Sci having that base 200, Escorts having less, and Cruisers having more? This seems like the simplest and potentially the most trying to balance things. Escorts would get squishier for their damage while Cruisers would get tankier for their lack of damage.

What if it was a case of adjusting those caps/pseudo caps though? What if it were a case of saying the following:

150/75/100/75 for Escorts
75/150/75/100 for Cruisers
75/100/75/150 for Science

Or something along those lines?

What if it were a combination of the first two so far?

Okay then, say those are the base cores...what about upgraded cores, eh? Dil, Zen, Lobi better cores that overcome any of the "balancing" aspects and just provide certain ships with uber power?

Escorts with 200+ Weapon Power as more 5/2 Escorts are released?

With how little information has been released about what they're thinking about doing - one could err with caution and find themselves disappointed or one could /facepalm now and be relieved later when it's not as bad as it could have been.

It's Cryptic...