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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
Main issue I believe is that before this could work as you have mentioned the vortex of crew death needs to be addressed.

Smaller ships with smaller crews benefit most because of crew regen.

But have you ever looked at ships like battlecruisers and carriers with over 2500 crew?

Most of "redshirts" perish in the first few volleys of a torp-spread.
The Lesser aspects of the tooltips, were they implemented the way they read - it wouldn't be as bad. As it stands though, big crew's a liability from several angles when it's been made out to be a positive thing...meh.

They need to look at crew loss (alive/able), crew regeneration, Theta, and possibly even having Science BOFF abilities (Medical) that help out with crew - not just trying to pass it off on Nurses/Medics. C'mon, where's the Ship's Doctor running Medical Team, eh?
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