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Originally Posted by borgresearcher View Post
what they did when tacticals started to boost science skills ? nerfed science skills, they didnt nerf the boosting capability of tacticals from theyr op skills, causing a dmg boost to everything

repulsors are weak, they make useless dmg without tactical skills, same for photonic shockwave and gravity well

gravity well cant hold a thing anymore, and tacticals still can boost it better than sci's

feedbackpulse is drastically boosted from tactical buffs too, i mean, you dont need to spend points on science skills, just go tactical, they can boost the damage the enemy is making, and reflect it harder ...

charged particle burst is super weak, i cant reach 5k shield strip even with 4 flow cap consoles and max aux, anyone have a shield of 15-20k average cap, that plus power insulators that recudes cpb damage by half, makes the skill useless, cpb and tachyon beam are useless now.

photonic shockwave dmg can be boosted better by tactical officers too, and the disable time is stupid because every tactical have the op skill called attack pattern omega that gives immunity to every single disable, hold, repel, gravity well etc etc, and still everybody has inertial dampers that recuces the disable time by half

the only skills that i find usefull for pvp are energy syphon and feedbackpulse, and perhaps repulsors/gw with doff to have a constant mine clearing, other skills are useless, cpb is only to decloak, sensor scan, gravity well, antiproton sweap do that too, tykens rift's drain is very weak too, and that is because tactical's can boost every single thing there is in the game, making science's job better than scientists, my brother quited engineer because nadion inversion is useless 95% of the time, only to counter energy drain builds, or to make some overloads, but devs forgot about torpedo boats of course, because tacticals boost any kind of dmg, and comparing nadion inversion/eps power transfer/eng fleet to the related tactical skill you will see that tacticals are op, because they can boost everything, they should only boost energy damage, leaving the kinetic for scientists, or making the kinetic damage from repulsors/psw/gw, modified by aux, plus a little boost in dmg, as well as the shield stripping skills of course, they can't do a ****

wanna try science in science vessel ? dont, that would require you to spend points on prtg,flow caps, etc etc, go tactical, they can boost feedbackpulse better than you wihout particle generators, they can make a 10k photonic shockwave, or almost kill you with only one repulsors bleed, and what the devs did for that to stop happening ? nerf science skills !!! and give attack pattern omega immunity to disables, holds, repels, movement debuffs, etc etc, cryptic dont want balance, they want the f*king jhas to be stronger and stronger
and they keep nerfing every single way that other classes have to kill tacs, aceton beam is BS, as well as dem, because someone discovered that dem worked nice with turrets, or that tackyon beam could strip half of a escort's shield if well boosted

and please, don't tell me "if you can't win a pvp in a sci/sci you are doing it wrong" because i know what i do, and if you dont believe it, post your in game name and we will have a fight.

tacticals are op because they can boost science skills better than scientists, and have better captain skills than engineers (definitely) and scientists, pressure damage is still super up, leaving the rest for tacticals that can boost all type of damage, and i cant make a significant ammount of damage without feedbackpulse on 1vs1's, and please, dont talk about that 10k vesta dps build, that was the most nooby post i ever saw.

tacticals shouldn't boost science skills they way they do, at least, stop boosting fbp and kinetic dmg from science skills, and give them a boost
Tacticals have ALWAYS boosted sci... its not some new change. lol

Tacticals should boost sci... there skills are DMG BOOSTS... its not shocking that they boost dmg. If you are saying tacticals should not boost sci... that's fine... then Sci fleet should not stack with EPTS anymore... SNB and Sensor scan should be disabled when your not flying a sci ship as well. lol

Gravity well is FINE.... I use it on my sci sci and love it... people that claim its weak are to stupid to spec it proper. 9 Points in gravity well and 1-2 consoles and it holds like a mother.

CPB... is NOT effected by tac skills as it is not direct dmg... anything you think is wrong with CPB has nothing to do with tactical. Again CPB is fine as well... 5k btw is more then half of an escorts shield, and a good half of most cruisers... combo it with tachyon for the other half... hardly as weak as people let on... NO you can't ista pop people like you used to be able to prior to resists. Its fine as it is.

Shockwave is a great skill... direct dmg was never its main use. Learn to use it. Don't try to shock people running omega. Its not that hard to look for a buff... also why are you trying to shock escorts anyway ? Shock the cruisers that are extending them.... THAT is what PSW is for.

I'm sorry learn to play your sci sci properly, and you would have less to complain about. Sorry for the snarky tone, really though these Tacs shouldn't boost sci arguments come up to often... of course tac skills work on direct dmg skills... that's sort of there point. The other classes skills don't shut off if they don't fly there Typical Captain ship.
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