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Originally Posted by captan2er0 View Post
I like to explain the differences in Gorn appearences by the soft canon caste system. I know that may get me flack, but that does offer a logical explanation for why we have multiple physical appearances of one species.

Each specific appearance represent one caste of the Gorn species.

One terms of devolved Gorn, I think you would like the TOS novel, First Frontier. It's about Kirk and the Enterprise, Klingons, and.... Dinosaurs!!
I'm going to have to sit down and read that some day. I do think that is a perfect solution though to giving players a choice in how their Gorn looks. Out of the 4 KDF toons I have, my Gorn is by far my favorite and a big part of that is due to his retro albino skin and look.

Just to catch you up. ROMMIES!!! Make sure you click the "Prepare Yourself Now" button to get a free torpedo launcher when you login next. Sadly, there is no mention of other races being included outside of Romulan and Reman so far. Hirogen and many others will hopefully be announced in the future before the launch of this expansion. I know I want Tal'Shair uniforms. I personally don't have any intention on creating a Reman so more races other than Romulan need to be an option. There is also no mention on how this is going to affect PvP. Hopefully it will add a third side to PvP and the ability to have a deathmatch at the very least.