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@marcusdkane - The requirements in the LC were incredibly specific and I loved how you dovetailed previous entries into this one gracefully. It was shorter than I expected but was appreciated (because I could read it in between duties at work ) In other words: None too shabby
Thanks ^_^ The thing which caught my attention most about the brief, was the damage to the ship, rather than the resulting situation of replicator rations, so I decided to focus on that and completely ignore the titular issue As for the length, I wasn't feeling inspired enough to include the battle, or even the on-board modifications, so I just let exposition take care of that, and used the entry to resolve the issues I'd been mulling over since LC 39... I was this close >____< to assigning either an Andorian or a Barsoom Thark as the new First Officer, but as GulBerat advised me, without having a strong character for the role, they would just wind up another fifth wheel like Lambert became, so I decided to split the role to the officers who were arguably Amanda's closest advisors in other LCs ^_^ (I even allowed myself the luxury of utilizing a Borg Swiss Army Bunny to solve the problem for the ease of it... I can see why the writers of Voyager did it so often with Seven, it just saves soooo much effort...)

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I had no idea Susanna Thompson can now be seen on the TV show "Arrow" as Oliver Queen's mother. A little research goes a long way ...
I wasn't aware of that either... O_O I know Alice Krige was the first actress in the role of Borg Queen, but Susanna's portrayal is much more sublime, and less overt... The only reason they got Alice back for the finale of Voyager, was because Susanna had a scheduling conflict!

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