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03-21-2013, 08:49 AM
Well its the only thing keeping a torp boat relevent.

what are u gonna do? wait for your team to drop theyre sheilds so u can use normal torps?

without a way to bypass sheilds on an all torp boat u arent gonna do anything, plasma dot resist is off the charts, reg trans do barely anything at the rate u can spit them out. u need a "nuke" torp like breen to outpace heals

if i turned brel into my old heghta crf bo build, it would be far deadlier. heghta routinely gets 1 mill plus dmg a match, brel 300-500k

a crf bo build is much more consistent, brenn crit bombs are few and far in between

look at the a month or two we will have a whole new factions worth of potential (guarenteed) op gear and ships. : ) cant wait......(sarcasm)

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