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03-21-2013, 09:02 AM
Originally Posted by bareel View Post
And CoH was not trinity based. I think we are arguing over semantics now though as you seem to relate trinity with roles not with the tank/healer/dps. Roles are good, synergy is good, trinity and required roles are bad.

I've never asked for the Trinity, I've consistently in this and in the other thread asked for a better environment for the currently designed roles to function.

As opposed to, what seems like 90% of players (exaggerating) simply wanting standard type Cruisers and Sci ships to just do more damage.

The only thing I've stated with regards to the Trinity is how the ship classes were effectively influenced by their design.

The Primary Role of Cruisers is Tanking, Healing.

The Primary Role of Sci Ships is Control, Debuffs, Healing.

The Primary Role of Escorts is DPS, Spike and potentially debuffing.

Unfortunately that's very close to the trinity, there are some in-betweens but not nearly enough in-betweens as CoH had.

What's more, only one of those roles is ever needed in PvE and adding the other roles doesn't actually add anything (again, unlike in CoH).