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03-21-2013, 10:04 AM
Thing is - how much damage in a match is meaningful? That's one of the concerns about the damage from Trans - it tends to be more meaningful damage than just peppering somebody's uber shields over and over again - massive damage...that goes nowhere.

People don't like that there's a weapon that bypasses that for some effective damage. They don't like that they have to think about defending against it... etc, etc, etc.

No doubt the chain crit thing needs to be fixed, but that's not explicitly a Cluster thing - it's what should have been done before the Tric nerfs - it affects several things.

Hell, it's kind of funny - because there's a guy that's been testing something and the chain crit is apply elsewhere as well.

If you've got a target with Emergency Secondary Shielding and an attacker with Sensor Targeting Assault... if the Attacker crits - the 20% roll for both the ESS/STA appear to be the same roll. It's a chain roll. The chain crit issue has to be tied into the way that Cryptic's handling RNG.

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