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That depends really. The question is, are you doing that high a damage that the 'shared' aggro overcomes the aoe spammers?

In my B'rel I know that I keep the hate of the entire sphere group in ISE for a good while when I open up on one lonely sphere in the group first (before anyone in the team). I know this because when I return to do a 2nd pass and I decloak, all the spheres in its group, even though they had aggro on team-mates that are shooting at them, the entire sphere group swaps its aggro to me. I usually have to stay cloaked a bit longer and let my team add up their damage so i dont get instant aggro from multiples.

Also, a tank ship with threat control does not use single target fire. I guess we were both seeing this from different perspectives.
In Infected or Khitomer, I will often grab the aggro of the Tactical Cube and Donatra in my first volley. If I fly out of their firing range, I can usually kite them for a very long time before they decide to target someone else. If I go back and fire on them again (from a decloak), they will immediately switch back to me and I have to kite them again. So, if you're using an AOE attack and you're doing much more damage than everyone else, it's probably why the other NPCs switch back to you as soon as they can.

Similarly, if I'm hitting them and Sensor Assault procs, they stop attacking me for 2 seconds and then switch back to me as soon as Sensor Assault ends. I don't even have to necessarily be attacking them during that time. So, even if you placate or cloak, the NPC will remember you and target you as soon as are visible again.

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My experience is different. In my b'rel that has never had threat control I still keep the aggro of the npc group for a good while even if my team of other escorts shoot it.

I think it has to do with torpedo damage..or the damage for hate purposes as being read as 'gross output' not 'net applied' damage ( aka, torpedo hits npc shields for 100 (10,000) dmg.. the hate may be based off the 10k number not the 100). I know I do not experience the hate retention of my b'rel in my single target cannon hegh'ta.

But even in the cannon bop I still would not use threat control. Forbids me from flying aoe high dmg ships since id be forced to tank in them.
You are probably right in that Torpedoes have a higher value of threat generation than energy weapons. Especially if you hit bare hull.

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If it works for you its fine. I personally disagree with the use of threat control for birds of prey.
I don't use Threat Control for aggro purposes, I use it for resistance purposes. Threat Control costs less expertise than Armor Reinforcement and, after a certain point, gives more resistance. The amount of points I save can be redistributed elsewhere if I wanted to. I'm looking at this from a PvP perspective. I want to be sure I survive against a fully buffed escort alpha strike (which I have several times).