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@ stellardrfit - NICE! That is good inspiration for when I hit LC 8 myself

@ marcusdkane - I think I need to understnd the concept of "exposition" to be able to use it to better effect. Having said that, I think my recent entries are ... lacking ... something. Maybe I'm forcing myself?

I liked your having two First Officers for the reasons presented. It makes sense to me! For my part, the LC topic inspired me to look at the command structure from my gameplay: I have my absolute XO (the first BOff I got), then as I acquired more I have a ship-based BOff set up and a variant Away Team set up. Since I can only have one Tactical BOff on the ship, Anthi was the obvious choice, and for Ground missions I made Karl the Tactical lead while Kathryn acted as "XO". LC 2 was a chance to briefly explain how that happened.

Regardless, Seven of Nine (besides being eye candy) was certainly an easy short cut to a quick end and very convenient. I had a discussion with a friend recently and revealed my favorite Star Trek series "overall" was Voyager and one of the many reasons was because SoN offered many Many MANY differnet avenues to solve problems that otherwise would be tragic for the ship and crew. At the same time, I do remember saying to myself "How will she get Voyager out of this one?"
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