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03-21-2013, 10:02 AM
I can speak a little on the escorts. I would probably purchase the MVAE and then go to earth space dock and get the fleet variant. It has 5 tac consoles and a sweet bridge officer layout. We will see an uplift in dps. If you are an escort guy like me, I would get the Kumari 3 pack. Start your engineer off in the Engineer version. However, I am thinking of moving my engineer into the Tac version. The tac version does wicked damage and the Engineer capital skill make it much less of a glass cannon. The DPS uplift for the Tac Kumari comes from 5 tac consoles and 5 frontal weapons. You can also buy the ship with the Quad cannons and stick it up front with the Andorian phasers. If all you do is PVE, the engineer in the Tac kumari with the quad cannons will save you a ton of time. (I Don't have a lot of time to play so grinding through PVE/STFs with an escort saves me time.)

For PVP, I would stick with cruisers. I have seen some good results with the Fleet excelsior. Or just go all in the with Oddy.