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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
True but there is another problem, the only uniforms we dont have are the TNG/DS9 and then TOS Movies uniforms (that are not really that different from TNG ones).

Other races are worst because Orions that about it we seen, same with Gorn and the rest.

I am not sure if we should have specific character clothing like the ones used by the Duras sisters since they were meant to stand out and be individual from the rest.
Yeah, but you can't trully believe that Cryptic should limit themselves for what they've seen on the shows. They surely as hell can create a new uniform/combination on their own that would look Klingon and is a unique creation of their own.

Besides, there are still quite a few choices we've seen and are not availible atm, for example:

-The Klingon helmet/coat combination from the J.J. movie
-The Dahar Master pimp-coat that the NPCs wear
-The uniforms that the NPCs wear at the embassy in New Romulus
-The option to have the sash over the right shoulder as seen in the last special project

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