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I'm really tired of not being able to fly directly UP or directly DOWN. It's really lame for a space game to not allow directly vertical flight up and down.

I get it that you want to keep it 'easy' for players but seriously, for me, it does NOT make it easier. It's much HARDER to play this game as a result of this. Not being able to fly in a direct straight line between two points, but instead, having to do some weird corkscrew maneuver to get there, is NOT EASIER.

Please allow a checkbox in the game's preferences to allow for full vertical flight. I know that this is an available option in your game engine and I'm disappointed that you guys have ignored players' previous requests to enable this feature (at least as an option). I realize most people don't care but I have some very valid reasons for requesting this.

Especially in PVP matches, often the group of people is way above you and you have to "corkscrew" to get up there.

That's not so bad in a fast escort with a good turn radius. But in an Odyssey the turn radius is huge and therefore just to corkscrew up into the fight I often have to fly over 10km away from the fight, then circle back, just to get up there. It's ridiculous.

To make matters worse, the good escort pilots will often corkscrew straight down or up to get away from me in a fight. They know that in order to chase them I'll have to corkscrew down as well, but since my turn radius is so huge, I'll end up over 10km out of range, even with Evasive Maneuvers.

Then there are the PVE scenarios where a ship is directly above or below you for whatever reason. This happens a lot in things like Starbase 24. A ship will be above me to the point that I cannot directly hit it with dual heavy cannons even though I'm facing it. I just can't angle my ship upwards enough.

I tried the Fleet Turn x3 engines but they do jack. They are fully broken and no one will admit it or fix it. Piling on RCS consoles makes me pretty squishy, and the saucer separation console has a 5-minute cooldown that lasts between respawns (why? why does it matter? why have this long cooldown? sorry that's another post).

Lastly: I get it that you might think this would make things unfair in PVP, where people who enable this option would gain an advantage. Well, given that there is already so much insane imbalance in PVP, what's one more unbalancing thing to add to the gigantic pile of unbalancing factors? We all know that the elite PVP players would all figure it out quite easily and become that much better, and the crappy PVP players who never win anyway would continue to lose badly. What difference would it really make?

At least make the game play like it should. A space game should have full 3D movement. I'm going to continue to request this until it happens. Maybe it's a lost cause but for the love of God, please do this.