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03-21-2013, 10:53 AM
i expected something like that, and i didnt say tacticals could boost cpb, they just boost every single thing, compared to scientists and engineers, that's op, they dont need to have particle gen/prtg consoles to reach what a scientist can do with max prtg and thats op, the devs nerfed almost all sci skills, leaving us without any dmg dealling skill, repulsors sucks now, even with repulsors 3 you cant make a 1k hit if your not in a tactical officer, how do you explain that a tactical can boost a science skill better than scientists can ? how do you explain that tacticals dont even need aux maxed to reach the max potencial of a skill that other players need to spend their points for ? 5k is not half the shield of an escort, otherwise you are a noob and you dont have shield systems maxed, and you dont use any field generators or you dont have power insulators, those 5k are reduced to 2.5k with power insulators, plus, im using 4 flow cap consoles to reach those 5k shield stripping, i wonder what wouldve happen if you had 4 power insulator consoles, the cpb would go to 1k or something, dont tell me science skills are good the way they are, and that tacticals are good the way they boost science skills
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