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03-21-2013, 11:29 AM
Ok! Well! Surprise! Romulans and theoreticly completed KDF in 60 days or there abouts.

So, Every reason to belive some major fleshing out of KDF is to be happening.

Why? Daniel Stahl said *massive reverb* (more or less) "no Romulan faction untill the KDF is finished"

Kinda leaves him stuck with having to finish out the KDF. I am surprised that the studio is esstentially doing it all at the same time..*raised eye brows!*. Not even going to say they can't pull it off, but it does concern me that this may be another "biting off more then can be chewed". Though yes indeed they do have more staff. So, may be they can pull it off. We'll know in 8 weeks.

And I owe my buddy that leaked info to me one hell of a home cooked dinner with all the trimmings....

We will get more info over the next 8 1/2 weeks. Gives me time to either get or put together a new computer as my old Dell gave up the ghost on me. *sigh* not only nursing broken ribs, but having to hobble to the next door folk to use thier comp. Life could be worse, but I don't really want to know how. *grimace*

What we do know for sure. Level one starting player KDF tutorial.
so, predictions. First off I am suspecting that a whole bunch of KDF missions, with story arcs actually have been sitting around mostly done for a very long time. A bunch of pulling odds and ends together. I am hopeing for more KDF backstory in mission play from level 1 all the way to 50. The missions don't have to be super duper stuff, they just have to work, while teaching the players what thier faction is all about and teaching them the games systems. Just have to wait and see.

Ships. I'd like to see some additional ship models or parts for existing models. I recall a frigate/destroyer/battlecruiser from the FASA STRPG that had forward swept wings in the primary hull that looked wonderfully agressive. Be nice to see some of that. We will have more ships, and I do know a bit about whats coming, and again I cannot be saying what. Don't worry.. we will be hearing specifics over the next several weeks in Dev blogs.. that and I'm pretty sure some of what I know HAS changed..I'll just side step looking like an utter idiot and leave it for the devs to reveal. *grin* BUT we DO have a clutch of ships coming, including very possibly some holes in the lineup getting filled.

Uniforms/Costume options: I have no news or predictions on this. Really like to see more info from the Devs but not going to hold my breath due to the amount of work character costumes require. I know the roll players want more options KDF side like no tomorrow.
*sighs* you can do up a NPC in foundry with the most amazing combinations but player characters? Nope sorry to much work... I'm just going to blink rapidly several times in puzzlement. The logic of the "inability" to open up more costume options with existing assets leaves me coughing "b'h'ull s'h'ite"

The Faction will be more approchable for starting players. Some of the cross faction changes will also improve that, such as UI color customization.

Long term predictions. Faction population.

Kdf will loose a very small percentage of it players permanatly to Romulan faction, but most Romulan identified players will be coming from the Federation faction. I expect we'll see number stabilze about August/September... possibly sooner, but I storngly belive the the KDF will show a net gain of as much as 2% of the player base over all.

I'll end up making a Romulan character or two, but my primary focus will still be KDF. Mostly to learn to Romulan story arcs, and find out about what the strengths and weaknesses of Romulan ships are, and check out thier toys!

Because players are not "locked" into playing a specific faction any noise about KDF going poof because we are going to have a romulan faction is pure silliness. ((really I have got to wonder where some folks get some of thier ideas *shakes head in bafflement...)) (((maybe I can gets thier drugs?)))

*grabs black stetson with its yellow cavalry lanyard off the rack and jambs it down on his crest with lighting up a cigar*

Boots and saddles folks, and a whole lot of hurry up and wait yet. Humm, get all ready to dance and then spend a lot of time waiting in line.. yep. Just like damd army!

Going to be a long two months.........
"I mean to misbehave" -Malcolm Reynolds