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03-21-2013, 12:31 PM
Having full 3d flight would not detract from the game in any way and the reasons given are unconvincing. Take a look at battles in episodes from DS9 on and pretty much any movie after Generations and you see ships doing aerobatics that are impossible in this game. Sure maybe it should be scaled so that the larger the ship the less rotational ability it has, but ships shouldn't be as restricted as they are. In Champions Online which uses the same engine flight doesn't have these limitations, there may be no roll control put pitch isn't limited and everything has the ability to translate vertically and horizontally. In this game there is no reason why a captain shouldn't be able to rise and drop without having to waste time with flying in shallow inclines, they would still look like ships at sea look but they would act like submersibles rather than jumbo jets.
The game is essentially stuck in TOS mode.