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Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
Yeah, but you can't trully believe that Cryptic should limit themselves for what they've seen on the shows. They surely as hell can create a new uniform/combination on their own that would look Klingon and is a unique creation of their own.

Besides, there are still quite a few choices we've seen and are not availible atm, for example:

-The Klingon helmet/coat combination from the J.J. movie
-The Dahar Master pimp-coat that the NPCs wear
-The uniforms that the NPCs wear at the embassy in New Romulus
-The option to have the sash over the right shoulder as seen in the last special project

Just look around at the NPCs. Omega Force and Mercenary (Fed Off-duty) accessories, as well as Fed Off-duty Robes regularly make their way onto the uniforms of Great Hall Guard and Fleet Starbase NPCs as accessories and chest options. Give me those options if I have unlocked those uniforms! They look FANTASTIC as part of the Uniform options.

Or at lease TELL us why the NPCs get to break the rules?

Hell, give us a 1-tier mini reputation with the Great Hall guards as part of the 1-20 content which unlocks those robes as chest options at least, and unlock the mercenary accessories as part of that uniform pack, so it benefits both factions.

How hard can it be to unlock things that are ALREADY made? (and in use on NPCs)
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