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03-21-2013, 12:47 PM
Originally Posted by thecosmic1 View Post
I think Cryptic has a very good idea as to how many Borts were sold, and I do not believe anyone could call the Bort a "poor ship."

It's not about self-fulfilling prophecies. It's about knowing exactly how many KDF items get sold in the C-Store, knowing how many KDF items are chosen in the Lobi Store, it's knowing how many Fleet ships are sold, and it's knowing exactly how many people log in and play KDF every single day.

The only ones guessing about the data are the KDF fans.
Their metrics tells them how people play KDF in its current state. It tells them nothing about players like me who would add KDF characters to the mix if KDF had a fully fleshed out storyline.

If the new KDF content fills that gap, my KDF characters will see more playtime. In fact, I will delete a couple and start from scratch to get the full experience. I might even invest in some of the C-store KDF ships.

The content I enjoy is the episodic content. The KDF didn't have much, so I didn't spend nearly as much time with it. If the KDF and Romulan factions are truly filled out, I'll probably be spending a lot of my playtime on those factions in the short term, simply because it's new content of the kind I enjoy. Then I'll probably balance out among all three factions.