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03-21-2013, 12:53 PM
Originally Posted by carcharodon1975 View Post
I do....mostly internationally understood hand signals....but the artards still don't get it.

KA ground is the easiest of the ground STF's,the one time people actually have to coordinate is with 4 people in the main room and 1 in the control room....I've seen things that just defies belief,like 4 people in the control room fighting over it and none of them wanted to leave the room.Or what about someone sabotaging the person in the control room by activating shield controls at random 'so they couldn't activate the right one'.Or control room virgins that have no clue what to do and won't listen to people that do.

Sometimes you just get lucky and you find yourself in a sweet group of artards that will give you an experience of high comedic value you can share with friends.
in that case lets all go play shooters ? no comunication need.
besides its enough to just read some strategy guide for stfs, and you will know what to do, and wont need any communications. or just look what people who know what are doing, are doing and repeat it by yourself