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Originally Posted by tripwire690 View Post
I'm shocked to hear some things in the replies to the original post.

First of all Npc's fly out of gravity well. I have 6 points. And I would find it ridiculous for someone to tell me I HAVE TO put 9 points into it to get it to hold. The fact is the repel sucks. Using it for npc spam? pfff. Is that what Gravity Well is for? Hmmm. And here I thought it was for controlling a group of ships. I think Cryptic needs to specify they want us to trap fighters with this skill in the description. I'm sure many other players are confused also.
Plenty of things in this game suck unless you fully spec them... Are you telling me you have 6 points in to torps when you use them ? Or that you have 6 points into hull strength ?

Why is it so shocking to think that perhaps you have to fully spec a sci skill to in fact make it useful.

I'm sorry I play sci as well... my GW3 fully speced KILLS people. Do I wine when I watch an escort blow through it with Omega up.... no I understand they have a counter. In general I use it on there heal buddies and other sci. lol

NPCs fly out of... Are you going loopy trips ? Last I checked if I take my sci ship into an ESTF the spheres all go boom in about half the time as when I go in with my high dps escort. Nothing like one sphere popping the next...

I suggest you respec and use your buffs a little more wisely

Originally Posted by tripwire690 View Post
Tykens Rift is a joke. I suppose someone will tell me that energy siphon is meant to boost your own power levels and not to drain the targets power levels either so its still good. I guess Cryptic should probably just remove the drain from enemies altogether for that skill since we're only using it for half ass reasons in the first place. But who needs to bother trying to drain when I can run two copies of Viral Matrix and shut down systems with little to no effort. Now there is a skill that IS working well right now.
I don't think anyone would argue Tykens didn't pretty much suck right now. Not in a good way either. However Cryptic did remove the system cool down that was shared with siphen previously. A combo of the two skills can be semi effective. (the real issue with both Tykens and Siphen is that they are cleared by hazards)

However the op is complaining about tacs... and as far as I know Tykens and Siphen suck equally as much for Tac Sci or engi.

As for VM... again all 3 captain types no difference.

Originally Posted by tripwire690 View Post
Shield Drains? Mai Kai has already commented on his extensive experience with the skill. Its a hail mary. But I'm glad Tacyhon Beam and Charged Particle Burst aren't calculated as damage dealing skills. Good god tacs would buff those too.
Exactly what I was saying... they are good skills already... hail marry all you want... there is a reason Mai Kai still runs them. lol

And again to the ops assertion that tac makes sci better then sci sci... its silly.

CPB / Tachyon / Siphen / Tykens / VM / tractor / Scramble / Jam... none of them are effected by any captain skills. (Yes tykens and tractor do some dmg... but its not enough to matter)

Originally Posted by tripwire690 View Post
Scramble is in a sweet spot right now. Jam Sensors does it's job. Photonic Shockwave was never for damage? In any form its either been stronger for stuns, or stronger for damage. Except now the damage is negligible even with shields down and the max disable you'll get is 1-2 seconds. Pretty crappy for a commander level skill. Wish my shockwave was more like an attack pattern. Boy those attack patterns sure get a lot of mileage. Of course I'll give credit to the photonic shockwave doffs. The spread can be pretty effective for that one to two seconds in team settings. It was a really cool addition to the game. So in my opinion a little boost in damage numbers may be warranted here.
Sci is a debuff class... no one claimed it was an easy thing to do properly.

Last I checked there was no attack pattern to disable an extend... or shut off a warp plasma... or stop a tachyon channel... there is one to break a tractor I guess, but then that same pattern also makes you die to TBR, and shockwave just shuts it off.

Shockwave does all of the things above... NO dmg has never been its primary objective... and in fact Cryptic admitted there code was bugged when PSW3 wasn't in line with the lower versions and corrected it... that had NOTHING at all to do with tacs.

Originally Posted by tripwire690 View Post
There are too many sci skills that are NOT used particularly in premade matches simply because they are USELESS in their current form and/or relative to current resists to said skills. And if someone is going to tell me that out of all the science skills available that science captains are only meant to use the ones that deal NO DAMAGE? I guess Tac Captains only use the attack patterns that BUFF DAMAGE AND MOVEMENT and not DEBUFF their targets right? And Tac Captains shouldn't use anything that isnt a cannon or turret and deals energy damage. NO. Because that would just be plain nonsense.

So lets not come here and berate the original poster who is obviously frustrated with the current state of science. As are many other science captains who play this game right now. Lets not pretend there is nothing wrong with the class. There is definitely room for improvement. Now there are definitely things that work best for Science Captains right now and DontdrunkImShoot made an excellent point about what weapons work the best for sci right at this point in time. And for good reason. But in my own way I agree with the OP. Tac Captains don't need to buff science or engineering skills. They should only buff energy damage and projectile damage. I personally have a problem with Tac Captains having a monopoly over every form of damage dealt in the game. In my opinion projectile and energy damage is enough of a monopoly. Sci and Engineering Captains will never compete on raw damage output alone and that's fair. But that is where Science Captains and Engineering Captains should be able to make up the differential deficit in "pressure damage" versus "spike damage". Through the exotic damage found in select Science and Engineering abilities which have always been counterable or avoidable to some degree as opposed to an alpha strike exceptionally well timed and expertly executed.

-Captain Tripwire-
I play a sci... In fact I play multiple sci... I am NOT frustrated by sci at all. I guess I'm in the minority.

However I would suggest it has more to do with the fact that some players are looking for an ego stroke.

I'm sorry Sci is NOT the career you choose if your looking for a big Ohhh Ahhh from the puggletts you get teamed with. You will most likely NOT be the top on the dmg board... You will most likely NOT be on the top of the healing board (unless you really gimp your build to do nothing but heal)... you MAY end up with top kills if you spread a lot of AOE... but if you choose a none AOE build... you may well have a mid range kill number as well.

However you WILL WIN matches all the darn time, because well played SCI is game changing.

I LOVE pugging with my sci... because frankly people ignore me most of the time. Its nice being in a pug against a premade... that would for sure have targeted my bug first every encounter, pretty much ignore me until its to late. They do end up focusing me at some point... in most cased after there down 10 or so and stop scratching there heads.

I honestly can't get over how diluted people are about sci.

Sci Sci is the most game changing combo in this game... to see good players still wining about there broken builds because there crutch commander skills take more thought these days is hillarious. With the current state of the game its the same for every class right now... YOU have to time your buffs/debuffs properly. You can't just run in and alpha rapid fire anymore... and you can't just CPB Nuke VM HY anymore either. Timing has always been important, now its everything.

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