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03-21-2013, 01:18 PM
Shhhh op don't point out the obvious, all the tactical escort captains might unilaterally have a cow at the same time and then we'll have whole ships full of cow poo.

It's true that they've done to science captains in science ships what all other mmo's have done to healers throughout history. Only when they finally start losing players because people are all tired of being forced to play as a tactical escort captain to have any speed by which to finish dailies for currencies will they begin to make changes just like what had to happen in World of ******** some time ago when they nerfed Priests so badly that no one would play healers and it all but stopped dungeons entirely because there weren't enough healers to fill the dungeons adequately.

The same thing needs to happen here.

Science skills aren't magic they are based on scientific theory, the buffs that tacts use however are magic buffs that spring out of nowhere and it's only amplified by their poor design of having attack patterns and evasive maneuver patterns in the same skill thus turning it into an iWin button.

They need to take a long look at this because it doesn't matter how many factions they spit out over the next few months, it's still going to be a huge issue of imbalance.
I would like for the devs to open a poll/feedback thread on what exactly the players would like to see in the near future for the game.