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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
It's one of those "Magic" things. One of those things nobody is supposed to think about. It's a very simplified system - it's a very casual game - thus, the Tac is able to boost damage - including damage that there's almost no way to envision how it is possible that the Tac is boosting that damage.

STO's not a space sim.

The less one looks for logic in the game - the more one can enjoy pressing their spacebar and blowing things up.

This isn't the pseudo science of Star Trek.

It's the wham bam, I don't know what's going on - this is horribly silly - oh that's cool world of JJTrek.
Its true it is a game first... and perhaps it seems non logical to some that kirk would boost his deflector dish output somehow. lol

Still if a Sci can figure out how to make the dish on that escort throw Nukes... and Sensor scan people to death (and not leave his upgrades in place for Kirk)... it seems logical that the Engi can rotate that sci ships shield freqs... and the tac can goose up that Tractor beam pulsor.