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Originally Posted by burningstar View Post
it do, they are not just INTENdEd to have roles, they HAVE them.
if they didnt, you could play any ship and it wouldnt make difference, but it do.
yea, they do have roles, horrible slanted in favor one one class roles

slanted because the trinity system is a load of tripe that breaks as soon as its exposed to anything beyond its narrow tolerances.

something that need not be so, and is only so due to sloppy implementation of an improper system for the environment.

that you think you cant have specialisation and balance at the same time tells me you havnt played many genera's of games.

total annihilation is a great example of a game that ended up with 4000+ distinct & mostly balanced units in it by the time modders had got through creating the mega-mod packs it had and where quite well balanced.

homeworld :complex mod
is one that, although less diverse than that, is still balanced and features hundreds of specialised craft.

and which system dont have flaws ? and still trynity system worked fine in like 90% of mmos.
the problem here is that ships are made to fit into it, but there isnt anymore content that support that.
in reality? not one.
but there is a great deal of difference between applying a nffp system and one that allows the game to function in a way that is discrimitory to the majority of game play.

which is what the fudges trinity system has gotten us.
total uncontested dominance of dhc escort performance over PvE content
and majority dominance over PvP content, where only occasionally will a team of 5 escorts not be the victors over others
as it turns out, an intrepid would lose a fight with a connie.
and thats canon.
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