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03-21-2013, 01:46 PM
Originally Posted by kimmym View Post
Yes, it says some fool thinks that a tutorial and level 1-20 will finish the KDF, where people who actually try to play the KDF will tell you that we are far beyond where that content will help us. It says that when the KDF ask where is my content, the devs position is that the KDF is finished, that is why they released a third faction.

Sure, the new early levels will draw more people in to try it. It doesn't matter how many people come if there is so much less at endgame we give up and go blue or green in frustration. If they tell us we will get an equal amount of events, I'd be squealing with glee, but instead they aren't, they are calling it finished without the most important part.
My question remains what endgame content klingons cannot run that feds can ? Fleet actions(dps kill feasts) ? From what I've played of the Klingon side they have just about as much pve stuff at end game.... Though considering I do mostly stfs and the season 7 romulan content fleet alert stuff... I don't understand whats wrong here ?