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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
How is a Sci Scort throwing a -80 dmg reduction AOE like around not the same thing ?

Its the same captain level skill, somehow it works in any ship.

Same thing with Sub nuke... it works just was well in the defiant as it does in the intrepid for some reason.

I won't insult anyone with the engi stuff... but its true EPS transfer does the exact same thing in the enterprise or the saber.
Yes, the APA should affect the Beams, Cannons, weapons on any ship - just like a Sci can drop Scattering or use SNB on any ship.

That's not the same as APA affecting a Sci BOFF ability.

The Sci/Eng abilities do the same thing on different ships.
Tac abilities should do the same thing on different ships...not additional things.
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