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03-21-2013, 03:06 PM
Originally Posted by chalpen View Post
All the the kdf need is a turorial and some new ship/costume options.

That was are our major issues since the game came out. When STO released, the fact that you couldn't immediately roll a KDF toon and only a Federation one outright immediately cut down our possible population. Another major complaint is the lack of ships and uniforms. We have gotten new ships over the years, but in contrast to how much the Federation has gotten it's nowhere near being close. The last thing is the utter lack of uniform variety and options. In contrast to the Federation, we're not even the same galaxy close in options, who have by far way more options.

I'd love to see more truly Klingon flavored missions, and not just Federation cut & pastes. But the previous points are the big sore areas to me as a KDF player.