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Kind of hard to show financial backing really when there is bugger all to buy on the KDF side, if Cryptic expect KDF players to spend money then they actually need to add something to the store to you know buy that the players want. For example many KDF players have been calling for a ship (for end game that you don' spend all of 5 mins flying) that is not a cruiser for once, be it a retrofitted version of one of the awesome looking raptors in game at t3 and t4 (which would save them time on artwork btw) but its always a cruiser.

I would be willing to bet if they added a new T5 raptor be it a new design or retrofit with 5 weapons slots fore like the andorian ship they would fly off the shelf so to speak. Hell I don't even fly Raptors but I would buy the pack to support the KDF.
I second this. A good place for Cryptic to start would be to offer a poll/thread asking questions like "What ship do you want for the KDF?" etc. It will go a long way toward avoiding any guesswork on their part as to what will sell and what won't. Communicating with your customers is key and it's something I personally don't think Cryptic does very well.
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