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03-21-2013, 02:11 PM
Not to sure. With the Romulans coming as a faction being a fact now, there's not too much else out there, other than us getting to start Lv1 KDF. That is the ONLY thing I see specific to the KDF, in upfront in your face news.

I only hope that this brings alot more new blood to the KDF population, because let's face it, I love everyone's faces out there and in PVP, but we need more people. More people for leverage for further development and attention.

The level 1 KDF start though is terribly late by 3 years. We needed that when the game came out. Even with the mandatory Federation character initiation, we still had a bunch of KDF players at the start, though still far, far less than the Feds. I have always wondered how it would have been if we could have rolled KDF at the start instead of the mandatory Fed start.