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03-21-2013, 02:15 PM
Show me your evidence.
How about past history and common sense?

Klingon Faction is now playable from level 1. Meaning our player base will expand substantially for new players.
Which is how it was for a long time and there were no 'substantial new players' in fact the player base was smaller than it is now

We have substantially more KDF content as well, via STFs, and new storyline missions from ranks 1 thru 19.
Nope. Go back and read what dstahl actually said

pretty sure it says all 3 factions with story content 1-50 on the new site.
it said nothing of the sort

Ya ?
And the KDF will STILL be kickin your troll a** all over the galaxy.

Trolling is against site rules you *&#^&%#
so is calling someone a troll. which is what people do when they can't refute their argument

KDF will increase in numbers starting from june I guess after the new star trek movie launches and since new players will be able to play kdf from start
yeah. like they did when they could do that before, right?

1-50, New UI, and this spells doom for the KDF?
we had 1-50 before, no influx of players. a UI doesn't do squat

Except when we go with what people on the forums have been saying, there are a lot of people who want to play Romulan but have never played KDF, either because of the interface or lack of interest or whatever.
Those have been playing Fed and biding their time.
Nope. you're making assumptions

So why should they gat nothing like the OP (who's been making troll posts and nothing more) be right.
Oh, BTW nothing would mean not even a tutorial.
you mean the tutorial that is only 'in discussion' and can't be agreed on yet?

I, for one do not see the reason for this kind of negativity. Every new player that checks out STO will have the option to start as a KDF. We won't be locked behind 25 levels of Federation gameplay anymore
they weren't locked into it for a long time before that change you know. and they had even fewer players than they do now

The KDF gets to start at Level 1. Now it's becoming a full faction
thats not a full faction. we already had that with 8 missions and a handfull of never ending patrol missions that make you want to hang yourself after the 30th one

They're probably adding new missions
no they aren't. they already said they weren't. and no 'probably' they either are or are not

otherwise, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to get to Level 50 in the amount of time a Fed would
except, you know, most current KDF players did just that. I know I did

the facts are there for you. It's better than 0% more content.
you have stated no facts, just assumptions based on nothing

We've been told we are getting 1-25 content. We've asked for that. We will have it. Be happy.
we have been told nothing of the sort

I play Fed. Why? Because I only use one toon. If I had had the choice at the start to choose a Klingon or Romulan, I may well have decided to make my character be of one of those factions - I'll admit that it would most likely have been Romulan, but the point is the same, I would have probably NOT chosen Fed and I firmly believe that this is why less players play KDF
no, the reason people don't play the KDF is that there is nothing to play

Agreed! This is what I have been asking for since STO was released and this has been the #1 argument as to why the KDF cannot grow.

Bye bye negative trolls!
that statement makes no sense. and it doesn't change the fact that they didn't say squat about getting new content