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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Yes, the APA should affect the Beams, Cannons, weapons on any ship - just like a Sci can drop Scattering or use SNB on any ship.

That's not the same as APA affecting a Sci BOFF ability.

The Sci/Eng abilities do the same thing on different ships.
Tac abilities should do the same thing on different ships...not additional things.
Its hard to say they do added things.

Last I checked... I could load a TBR 1 on an escort... or a GW 1 on the MVAM... or a FBP 1-2... or a DEM 1-2.

If I CHOOSE to trade omega 3 / Rapid Fire 3/2 for a copy of DEM 3... or TBR 2/3 instead... whats the difference.

I think almost everyone will agree the Escort Commander and Lt. Commander buffs are going to synergise with Alpha one heck of a lot better then those Sci skills.

My point is.... This entire thread... is Science Sour Grapes... as some players seem to think there sci toons have been nerfed somehow. They direct there vitriol at tacticals for some reason... I guess because they feel we can somehow make a sci ship work better then they can which is complete BS.

Last I checked Panadas and TSI where NOT running around with 5 man Tac Sci teams... in fact I think if you ask someone like Jorf He'll tell you Tactical in a Science ship is doing it wrong. lol

Tac Sci is a fun option... that ONLY works because you can trade your Fantastic Synergy with the tactical commander / captain skills... for an interesting one with the Science Commander/ Tac Captain skills.

Will it out dmg a Sci Sci... the ones with no imagination sure... I have fun flying tac sci now and then... HOWEVER the tac sci is only really good at picking apart pugs. (in which case I am sure my bug would be more humane) Against a proper team... My sci sci will out dmg my tac sci... and the only way to rack up kills at all anymore is to create windows of anti resistance.
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