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03-21-2013, 02:54 PM
Originally Posted by boglejam73 View Post
Not that I wouldn't like up/down movement myself, but how are any of the reasons you yourself mentioned for not implementing this a load of bunk?

If the license holder says no, you have no options.

If the developer worries players would become disoriented, that seems like a valid (althou way too hand-holding-of-players) reason.

And yes, almost all of the TV and movie trek ship combat has been depicted as ship-at-sea type combat.

So while I would like up/down movement, the reasons stated for not implementing it aren't "a load of bunk."
There is no reason that the ships would ever have to be fully inverted. You could make it so that while they can be vertical that they would keep their top always facing "Up" so that if you tried to do a roll, for instance, you would automatically turn back upright.

Also; in DS9, which is reputed for its battle scenes, they clearly show the Defiant doing an aileron roll during its fight and other ships moving at vertical or near vertical trajectories.

Quite frankly the notion that you should be snapped to a plane in space is absolutely inane. Furthermore, the idea that you can blockade ships in open space (read: Not near a planet or any other specific location they may be attempting to reach) is absolutely insane when you take into account how massive a wall you would have to form to prevent them from going around it at warp speeds.

I have said this many many many times... Either A) Give us full 3D flight or B) NEVER EVER EVER allow anything to be on a lower or higher plane in missions. It frustrates me to no end having to spiral up or down in a mission created by the Devs to accomplish my objective when they are the ones who do not allow me to simply go UP or DOWN.