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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
My point is.... This entire thread... is Science Sour Grapes... as some players seem to think there sci toons have been nerfed somehow. They direct there vitriol at tacticals for some reason... I guess because they feel we can somehow make a sci ship work better then they can which is complete BS.
I wouldn't lump me in with that, personally. Heck, look at praxi's quote for my stance on Sci.

My "sour grapes" is more an overall - hrmm, frustration? - in regard to how "simplified" Cryptic has made certain things. You'll notice my beef wasn't actually that a Tac could buff Sci damage - rather my beef was the manner in which Cryptic did it. Falling into that category of "Magic"...heck, that's what I've been saying. Even in the additional thing - it's that APA is doing it - not that it's being done.

I could have sworn I posted something else in this thread, but I don't see it. I know I typed it. I must have closed it out by accident instead of posting it (have way too many forum tabs open at the moment).

In it I mentioned something I had mentioned in another thread (something I admitted was Fed biased there, simply because of the info being so readily available for Feds) about how STO handles "Careers" versus how Starfleet had Divisions and how most of the "Characters" in the Shows/Movies were actually "dual-spec" - ie with the three Divisions (Command, Operations (including Tac and Eng), & Science) - we'd often have "Characters" that were a mix of two Divisions.

So yeah, you'd have that Tac/Sci or Sci/Tac with Ability X (or a series of abilities) that would allow them to do more damage with Sci abilities. It's what they've trained to do. It wouldn't just be a blanket ability that any Tac could use.

It's about there being less "Magic" - less black box, don't think about it or don't worry about it...and more about, oh - I see how that works...that's damn cool.

It's among my turning into a crotchety old man series of posts of late...I guess. That desire for more complex things rather than simpler things.
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